i fell for you the way a cloud moves with no wind, slowly

you had sweaters i, at first, would always compliment
then later wanted to wake up in. you were my blind spot
too busy looking ahead to see you by my side, the whole time

i learned to fall in love with green circles and the sound of static
428 miles were reduced to a few seconds of ringing before your voice
from midnight missing you's and locking ourselves in our rooms
you felt like a cold computer screen with a warm smile

minutes turned into hours, hours turned into looking up
the price of a bus ticket to New York in December
i called you mine, and my mom called you family
we made plans for a life together without ever once hugging

you've comforted my crying with no need for a shoulder
we agreed maybe when we're older, we'd try to make "us" happen
but poor connections, low batteries, and dropped calls interfered

originally published in volume 9.2 of Outrageous Fortune

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