Teaching philosophy...

When approaching the English language, we should present "proper" grammar and speaking skills as tools and resources for increasing opportunities. Students with geographical dialects, bilingual students, and English language learners should not have to replace their ways of speaking, but rather build upon them.

A writer's voice is what makes them unique and gives us insight into their culture. It's important to hold onto that voice. This is the voice they use when the school day ends - when they breathe love and laughter to friends and family.

English language and literature should strive to challenge and expand the views of all students. They should be amazed, uncomfortable, inspired, and confused by the perspectives and stories of diverse writers. Brilliant writers stem from avid readers. While there is a wonderful place for the classics (the top shelf, slightly out of reach), students are experiencing life through an ever-changing lens. The writings they read should be reflective of the present world they live in, the world they fear, and the world they will be tasked with creating.

  • BA/MAT Graduate
  • Licensed with the Virginia Department of Education
  • received the Benn Creative Writing Award (2018), est. 1969
  • KDP National Convention Powertalk Presenter (2019)
  • AED/CPR/First Aid (Adult, Child, Infant) certified
  • Ethics and Professional Standards certified
  • Familiarity with VDOE ELA curriculum and standards of learning
  • Skilled in virtual learning platforms (G-Suite, Blackboard, etc.)
  • Experience teaching elementary, middle, and high school students
  • Experience working one-on-one with students; private tutoring
  • Knowledgeable in ESL and theatre education